We are living in the best of time, we are living in the worse of times.

The world seems bent on destroying itself and environmental, social and political disasters are something we are unable to distance ourselves from anymore. There are more rapes, vengeful acts and meaningless violence than we care to know. Yet there also seems to be the stirrings, the little sprouting of a new world.

Personally, we are in deep distress. The rates of depression and suicide are skyrocketing even in areas in which the basic human needs are met. And this sorry fact is especially true among Indian women. Despite the progress made, we still seem paralyzed to act against female feticide, abuse and the sexual objectification of women in this country.

I submit to you that being woman alive in India at this point in time is in itself a complete act of rebellion.

Women in our country are unsafe not only on the outside but also on the inside. Our own minds and hearts are filled with the worst kind of victimhood across socioeconomic strata. Look at our most viewed TV shows and you will notice deep feelings of poor self esteem, powerlessness and unhappiness in most women. So long have we been brain washed into denying our own power and beauty, we resort to snatch it from other women. Jealousy and manupilation and back talk are the unfortunate hallmarks of the way most communities of women function.

What will change us, what will change our India ?

be the change



I submit to you something we have learned.

It is that we can all be the fulcrums around which the world turns into a new way of being. In this new world we have to learn to function in an entirely new way. The linear very masculine ways of operating (read jungle laws) seem to have brought our Planet to crisis point on the outside and in deep emotional distress on the inside.

What if the key to change was us? Each of us?

What if we brought about change, true change, only if we were willing to replace all our evidently self harming mental habits and replaced them with deeply nourishing and loving ones?

What if we took all the abuse and victimization in our society and our relationships that we have been subjected to and healed it?


Who would we be without our stories? What would our world look like?



Our dream here at evolvingwomen.in is to help you see this dream through. To heal the whole versions of ourselves and then go on to change our society, country and the world. It’s nothing short of a revolution and it begins with us!